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By nature, all living foods have enzymes in it. Through our cooking practices, we deactivate these naturally occurring enzymes and call on our body's supply of enzymes to do ALL the work. LIFE contains a broad array of vegetarian enzymes for every meal and snack and breaks down carbohydrates (ie. pasta, bread, cookies, bagels, oats) into simple sugars for energy.

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Life – Enzymes blend for better digestion. Unlock the nutrients in your favorite foods without bloating or discomfort. Enzymes help break down foods that are difficult to digest including sugars, plant cells, proteins, and fats. Increase energy through better nutrient absorption. Relieves and prevents regular bloating and indigestion. 100% vegetarian. Great health begins at your core — with a healthy digestive system. LIFE contains a broad array of vegetarian enzymes for every meal and snack.

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  1. Rated 4 out of 5

    Caroline Murphy

    It makes bold predictions and teaches entrepreneurs how to thrive in the same way as our mammalian ancestors: by being nimble and resilient.

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